Guide to Probate

Free guide to the probate process. 1. Valuables vs. Rubbish Once you’ve decided to go ahead with the clearance, it’s a good idea to go through the house and separate any sentimental items or personal affects which you wish to keep. Then set aside items, which you would like to sell through traditional or online […]

Packing advice

Which boxes should I use? (We can supply boxes to loan or purchase if needed)Use strong walled boxes weak boxes do not stack well and put your items at risk Try to keep to 4-5 variations of size or less if possible this saves time loading How much can I put into a box?Don’t overload […]

Moving Checklist – 1 day until moving day

Packing. Aim to finish the packing today, apart from a few essentials in the kitchen and bathroom. You will feel so much better when you can see the end is finally in sight. “Don’t forget to clearly mark the boxes with the room name you would like them to end up in”. Dismantle & Disconnect.  Countrywide […]

Moving Checklist – 2 days until moving day

Fridges/Freezers. Empty, defrost and dry out your fridge / freezer, this is most important if your furniture is to go into store or over a long distance. If you don’t do this it will defrost on its own in the back of the removal van, leaking over everything around it. Please remember food stuffs cannot be […]

Moving Checklist – 3 days until moving day

Pack a bag. Fill this with a change of clothes. Include a survival kit for the other end; include things like, toilet rolls, light bulbs, candles, a few tools, matches, cash and a list of important telephone numbers. Include anything that you think you might need for the couple of days after moving day. You can […]

Make moving day easier

1. Arrange child and pet care for the day of the move The day of the big move is usually quite hectic and busy, so the last thing you want is to have a little one (whether that be a child or a pet) running around to make the day even more complicated. Try to […]

Think ahead

1. If possible, clean your new house before you move in On the day of the move, your goal will be to transport your belongings and unload them into your new house as quickly and efficiently as possible. You won’t have time to clean your new home on the day of the move, especially before […]

Take care of the formalities

1. Arrange final meter readings/bills It is important to get your final meter reading for your electric, gas, and water meters. This ensures that no dispute will arise between you and the new owner of your house. You should also take meter readings as soon as you move into your new property, and check them […]

Organise your belongings

1. Find out what packing materials your removals firm supplies Speak to your removal company as early as you can to see what type of packing materials they will provide you. Those more conscious of how their belongings are organised could pack certain items, but it is recommended that you leave the packing to the […]

Let people know you’re moving out

1. Make a list of everyone who needs to be notified Think of everyone who is reliant on your current address. As well as friends and family you’ll need to tell your employer, your childrens’ schools, your doctor, dentist, optician, bank, building society, insurance companies, and so on. Consider all the people and organisations who […]