Think ahead


1. If possible, clean your new house before you move in

On the day of the move, your goal will be to transport your belongings and unload them into your new house as quickly and efficiently as possible. You won’t have time to clean your new home on the day of the move, especially before items start being loaded into it. Therefore, you should steam-clean carpets and walls before you move in if necessary.

Alternatively, to save yourself the time and hassle, hire countrywide Removals Ltd to tackle the hard work for you.

2. If you need accommodation for the lag period, book it sooner rather than later

If there’s going to be a period where you are caught between houses, or are unable to move into your new home due to renovation work, you should try to arrange temporary accommodation as soon as you can. Hotels are cheaper if you book in advance, and you won’t face the same demand for rooms as you would if you left it until the last minute. If you are looking to put some belongings into storage in the meantime, contact your nearest goods storage facility to find out what’s available. 

3. Make the most of your Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi might not be set up at your new home for a few days, so take full advantage of working wireless internet in your current home while you can. It might be a good idea to print out any directions you need to follow, or any instruction manuals for new electronic products for your new property. You could always look for a local café or use your mobile data if you need urgent internet access.

4. Make a helpful factsheet for your home’s new owner

It would be extremely helpful for your home’s new owner if you make a factsheet that details all of the essential information about your house. This will also make it less likely for the new owners to keep contacting you andasking questions when you’re trying to set up your new house. You should include where the stopcock is, where the gas and electric meters are, when the bins are collected and who supplies the energy, broadband and landline.