Packing advice


  1. Which boxes should I use? (We can supply boxes to loan or purchase if needed)Use strong walled boxes weak boxes do not stack well and put your items at risk
  2. Try to keep to 4-5 variations of size or less if possible this saves time loading
  3. How much can I put into a box?Don’t overload a box it should be packed up to its capacity so the top can be closed
    Don’t under load a box either as it is wasting space and making the box weaker for stacking
    Pack heavy items such as books into smaller boxes and light weight items into larger boxes
  4. What can and can’t I put into a box?Small solid items should go in a box keeping fragile and non fragile items in separate boxes
    Make sure food items are sealed properly and upright
    Avoid packing fluids which may leak or flammable hazardous items plants or animals
    Avoid mixing fragile items with items that could cause them to break
  1. How should I label and seal packed boxes?All boxes should be clearly labelled with contents and which position it should be kept in
  2. Mark clearly where the box is to be placed on delivery
  3. Mark any boxes containing fragile items clearly and if it should not be stacked upon
  4. Seal boxes with parcel tape top and bottom continuing around the whole box
  1. How should I pack fragile items? (We can supply a full or part packing service)Wrap each individual item with paper offcuts or similar and place gently into the box
  2. For extremely fragile items double up and or use bubblewrap for extra protection
  3. Mirrors pictures and lamps should be wrapped thoroughly in bubble wrap
  4. TVs can be wrapped in bubble wrap (leave the TVs to us if unsure about handling)
  5. Can I use bags to pack my items?Any soft items such as linen bedding cushions or clothing etc can be packed in bags
    Bags should not be used for solid or heavy items
  6. How should I pack my clothes?Suitcases and bags are ideal for packing clothing which you dont mind having to iron
    Any suits/dresses that require hanging can be rehung in a wardrobe if available
    Hanging boxes can be used but take up valuable loading space and can be costly
  7. Can I leave things in drawers or leave my fridge freezer contents in place?All drawers should be emptied but on some occasions light weight non fragile items are ok
    Fridges need to be empty freezer items may be ok left in place for short distance moves?