Moving Checklist – 2 days until moving day


Fridges/Freezers. Empty, defrost and dry out your fridge / freezer, this is most important if your furniture is to go into store or over a long distance. If you don’t do this it will defrost on its own in the back of the removal van, leaking over everything around it. Please remember food stuffs cannot be moved into store. If you have been quoted to have your freezer moved with the contents still inside (will only apply to short distances) put the contents into polythene bags so they can be lifted out while carrying the freezer and placed back inside with the minimum of fuss.

Kitchen cupboards. Go through the kitchen cupboards and throw out anything that is out of date, also while you are there check to make sure all the packets, bottles and jars are sealed tightly to avoid spillage.

Valuables/documents Pack valuables and documents and put in a safe place

Split Deliveries If some of your furniture is to be delivered to more than one destination, confirm with the receiving parties the delivery date and time.