Make moving day easier


1. Arrange child and pet care for the day of the move

The day of the big move is usually quite hectic and busy, so the last thing you want is to have a little one (whether that be a child or a pet) running around to make the day even more complicated. Try to arrange for family or a registered childminder to look after your little ones while you move house. For pets, you could take advantage of a pet shipping service to make sure they reach your new home safely.  

2. Pack a moving-day survival kit

When the big day comes, you may not have time to pop to the shop if you need something essential. This is why you should make up a box of items that will be of use to you in a near-empty house. It should include: a kettle, milk, tea, coffee, mugs, bread, bottled water, toilet roll, toiletries, cutlery, and plates.

When you get your new home, there’s a chance the water and electricity may not be switched on yet, particularly if your home is a new build, so try to pack items that will make your life easier in a world without amenities.

Moving home will take a lot of organisation and planning, but with help from an expert team of movers, the stress really can be lifted from you. Pickfords offers a comprehensive moving service, whether you are moving domestically or abroad. We have the facilities to declutter your belongings, before organising and packing them, and then transporting them to your new home. Once there, we will help unload the items and be sure that everything is where you want it before we leave. It really is the easiest way to move home.